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Votado por Windows Central 2018 como el mejor control de gaming del año!

Hyperkin ha recreado el control original de Xbox aka “Duke” como un control oficial con licencia de Xbox, compatible con la familia de aparatos de Xbox one y PC con Windows 10

Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller for Xbox One/ Windows 10 PC (Black) - Hyperkin -

    • Voted Windows Central 2018 Best Gaming Controller of the Year!

    • Classic design featuring the original Xbox animated startup screen played right inside the Xbox Button

    • Precision analog triggers and bumpers that mirror the Black and White buttons

    • Vibration feedback for realistic experiences

    • 9 ft. detachable USB cable (required to use controller)

    • Original Xbox-style controller for Xbox One and Windows 10 Pcs

    • Classic X, B, A, Y, LT, RT, Black (RB), and White (LB) button layout (including Option and View buttons)

    • 3.5 mm headset jack

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